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ec6 group

Accompanying the Client for design, programming and construction of production facilities and spaces of hospital food.
Deepen and validate the operational, technical and human data selected by the Client to create efficient infrastructure.

The EC6 experts set up the study phase of the choosen scenario with a total control of operational data of the health field catering. So the technical, human and economic elements are processed on the database closest to the reality of the future organization, in order to avoid any anomaly in the conduct of the project.

The detailed technical program is set up on this data to enable the the project design team to deliver production and distribution tools corresponding to the expectations of the Client.

Project assistance team EC6: assist the Client and co-pilot the Master of Work to the delivery of production tools and distribution.

EC6 expertise
Confidence: EC6 accompanies the major projects of the French hospital landscape
Skill: The control of project assistance missions EC6 design to put into operation catering units: commitment results by EC6
Performance: EC6 of proposals in terms of innovative organizational models for the production and distribution of food
Experience: Expertise in all aspects of projects, experience in conducting complex operations, mastery of hospital setting
Business expertise: A permanent gaze of users tools of production, a goal of working comfort, control quality and costs

Find expertise EC6 - Download the brochure : "The EC6 engineering for projects in hospital catering."

ec6 group
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