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Training and expertise in catering production organization, EC6 positions the profession of hospital caterer and chef inside the organizations.

To control the culinary techniques, to define an efficient process production.

Premises and central kitchen facilities are important investments. The human resources costs accounts for over 40% of the cost of produced meals. The food safety constraints may hamper the quality of meals. Creating an efficient production unit is complex.

The EC6 Group offers a field expertise to support restoration projects through the design of production tools integrating process and producing innovative techniques for reconciling quality / cost / safety and put forward the catering profession through an expanded production.

EC6 expertise
Confidence: EC6, "Cuisine 9" and "Cuisine âge 3" accompany each year more than 500 professional caterers to reach new production techniques.
Skill: EC6 is the concept creator of new cooking techniques.
Performance: The EC6 process and new production techniques used by HCL and APHP for the restructuring of central production units
Experience: EC6 designer of process 2 and 3rd generations CPUs for the central units of hospital production to an exceptional quality / cost of food delivery report
Business expertise: The EC6 Group, "Cuisine9" and "Cuisine âge 3" have a team of 15 experts in culinary technology for hospital projects.

Find expertise EC6 - Download the brochure "Reducing and recovering bio-waste in hospital food: an environmental and economic challenge for all health care facilities"

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