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Restore the hotel's strategic position.
The hotel service for a better perception of catering!

The nursing home is a medical facility where we take care of the elderly, but it is also an hotel and a restaurant. We practice the services professions, and seniors expect quality services for some moments of conviviality, exchange, food and fun!

Constraints and observations:
What we served is less important than how to serve it! Seniors base their feeling about the quality on 3 parameters:
- 20% for food through color, smell, appearance, arrangement in the plate and dishes presentation...
- 40% for the choice of tableware, cutlery, glassware, towels, plates ...
- 40% for the environment: dining room, furniture, lighting, surround sound and the attitude, presentation and professionalism of the staff...

The environment is 80% of the feeling about quality!
Professionalize the environment allows to directly and efficiently take place on the joys of eating felt by the seniors.

EC6 operational solutions to meet the wishes of our elders:
EC6 accompanies hotel and nursing teams to ensure a quality hotel service to the seniors
Training and support in terms of personal skills and knowledge to:
- setting the restaurant room
- meals service in the restaurant
- meals service in the bedrooms
- clear tables

Find expertise EC6 - Download the brochure : "Expertise in geriatric food."

ec6 group
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