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ec6 group

Expertise and training in hotel organization
The hotel function is a strategic element in the dietary management
Optimize the quality experienced by patients and residents through the meals distribution control.

Patients residents express their satisfaction on the visible part of the food chain. It's when the patients are welcomed in hospitals on the simple but essential elements that consumers express their feelings about the entire catering services. This part of organization often difficult to control requires special attention and resources.

EC6 Group assists healthcare establishments for professionalizing the organization of meals distribution.

EC6 expertise
Confidence: EC6 accompanies MeaH since 2004 and ANAP since 2010 in developing best practice management of patients
Skill: the hotel management concept EC6 is switched into any sizes institutions of any complexities.
Performance: an hotel management policy induces a rise in the level of consumer satisfaction and cost control nutrition
Experience: EC6 Group supported many institutions in defining their policy making in hotel management
Business expertise: the accompanying and hotel training missions are lead by experts who performed this function in healthcare establishments.

ec6 group
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