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ec6 group

EC6 partner institutions accommodating persons with disabilities
EC6 accompanies social medical institutions to the quality and performance of catering.

The operational solutions EC6 whatever the mode of management (self-management or concession) to optimize the ratio quality / satisfaction / security / cost of catering
- Evaluate and propose some solutions to support the decision makers
- Assist the teams in driving projects to the implementation in real conditions
- Training support staff, instructors, professional catering and disabled workers

The EC6 solutions
- Customized diagnosis about catering and driving corrective actions
- Evaluation of the nutritional performance
- Support for strategic decision making on the organization of the production of meals
- Assistance in the choice of provider
- Assistance in the implementation of activity ESAT for disabled workers
- Support design projects of central kitchens
- Training and expertise in the organization of the production of meals
- Training of trainers and instructors in control of food safety
- Training adapted for disabled workers about culinary techniques

The benefits of expertise EC6
- A material cost limited to 2 € including VATper meal
- A manufactured meal cost than 4.36 € including VAT
- Reducing food waste 20% (regulatory requirement)
- Significant reduction in the rate of malnutrition in the senior homes and nursing homes

Find expertise EC6 - Download the brochure : "Expertise restoration of welcoming people with disabilities institutions."

ec6 group
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