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ec6 group

EC6, partner of nursing homes in catering and nutrition for elderly.

EC6 accompanies each year more than 100 nursing homes:
- to meet the obligations in elderly nutrition
- to provide solutions to constraints in elderly nutrition

The EC6 solutions
- Performance in nutrition, catering and hotel services through indicators specific to the geriatric environment developed by EC6 Group
- Innovative solutions for a personalized care of residents through a powerful global organization
- Simplify the food supply for better food and less waste
- Adapting the food supply for it to be a source of pleasure
- Adapt the organization of meal production according to economic capacity of nursing homes
Accompanie by:
- Bringing together all stakeholders and creating valuable interfaces for the quality of care for residents.
- Supporting the development of kitchen premises and the definition of equipment in nursing homes
- Training catering staff in the creation of menus and new culinary techniques: boiled eggs and toast fingers, through the simmered meat to textures modified dishes to be eaten with knife and fork

The benefits of expertise EC6
- Possible 25% reduction in the rate of severe malnutrition (criteria HAS)
- Reducing food waste 20% (regulatory requirement)
- Optimization of raw materials costs (maximum € 1.80 including VAT per meal) for a better performance pleasure and nutrition
- Adaptation of the food supply for residents with Alzheimer's disease

Find expertise EC6 - Download the brochure : "Expertise in geriatric food."

ec6 group
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