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The EC6 training for professionals of hospitals and clinics catering, nutrition and hospital service.
The EC6 Group: a training organization supports the decision makers and staff of hospitals, clinics and SSR to the performance of the caterer function.

Report, management and performance
MASTER 2 Engineering in catering of health facilities in partnership with IFROSS
Development of the central production unit and organization of the meals distribution
Performance of an audit. Development and conduct of a corrective actions plan
Updating of knowledge managers of hospital catering days
Management of a nutrition team
Rules and legal control about public hospital purchases
Implementation of the dashboard and indicators to optimize the quality-price ratio of the catering function

Control of production and distribution meals
Expertise days of production managers
Getting hotel load and distribution of meals in healthcare establishments

Performance of nutritional care
Creation and management of a CLAN
Construction of foodstuff plans, menus and the offer of choice according to the GEMRCN

Health control
Creation of the health master plan and sanitary authorization file
Control of food safety rules in hospital catering

Quality and innovation in cooking techniques
The new modified textures, molecular cuisine, boiled egg ...
Cooking techniques: simmered, just temperature, vacuum, pasteurization ...

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