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Feasibility study, opportunity and sharing in the context of restructuring
Identify the evolution terms of catering and hotel functions

The evolution of the dietary management of patients and consumers involves a new approach to restoration and distribution functions. The restructuring terms are complex and each option should be objectified. The choice of decision makers must be based on the projection of the different options in all its components.

EC6 offers an innovative approach in the ways of restructuring and precisely in the development of scenarios. The analysis of the evolution of the catering and distribution EC6 options: a clear vision of the scenarios on the basis of projected accurate data.

EC6 expertise
Trust: All the EC6 experts hold a University degree in hospital food and a practice of more than 10 years of hospital manager.
Competence: EC6 expert project management restructuring restoration accompanies each year more than 150 health facilities.
Performance: The expertise EC6 tools enable fast and efficient conduct of the phases of data collection and management of the feasibility study
Experience: EC6 accompanies the most important national projects in terms of budget and complexity.

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