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The expertise and training EC6 nutrition in nursing homes
Senior nutrition: from the dietetics knowledge to the implementation by all players operating in real conditions

Training and support for professionals in charge of the catering and care of seniors in nursing homes:
- scientific consideration (dietary) about nutritional needs
- strong integration of operational constraints in the training and support

EC6 aims to bring together the stakeholders around the strategic importance of nutrition to meet:
- the obligations for the catering of the elderly
- constraints in the elderly nutrition

The support and training EC6:
- Assistance by experts in nutrition of elderly in nursing homes
- Training enhanced by accompanying phases in real conditions
- Training modules built in conjunction with the constraints of institutions
- The integration of the EC6 expertise in diseases of the elderly
- Expertise enhanced by the result of research and development EC6 *
- EC6: the nutritional reference power of people with Alzheimer's disease

The benefits of expertise EC6:
- A possible 25% reduction in the rate of severe malnutrition (criteria HAS)
- Reducing food waste 20% (regulatory requirement)
- Respect for HAS recommendations and budgets
- Efficient management of toilets
- The catering considerated as an argument of quality differentiation among seniors and families nutrition
- A new approach of the manufacturing dishes with modified texture
- A wider range of recipes and preparations

* Conducted under the research program and "nutrition senior" Development Works with INRA, Department of Nutrition of the University Hospital of Dijon, the cluster Gerontological Bourgogne Franche Comté sponsored by the Hospital Federation of France.

ec6 group
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