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Extend the range of cook's knowledge and go back to the most important culinary basis
Back to an authentic cooking in nursing homes, without investment.

EC6 solutions to easily meet the culinary desires of our elders:

To return to a food based on products partly forgotten in nursing homes:
- the boiled eggs: EC6 creates the cooking and distribution of boiled eggs without health risk!
- the simmered meat: cooking at low temperature in combi oven can cook like our grandmothers: on the corner of the stove for entire days!
- vacuum cooking: from fruits baked to meats and poultry for obtaining a concentration of flavors. Apples and other fruits are vacuum cooked for exceptional desserts. Concentration by cooking sugar, vanilla, salted butter gives some surprising taste results. The vacuum cooking offers some unique opportunities for cooking many dishes in the menus served in nursing homes.
- vegetables cooked in the past but forgotten by our generation. Food culture of our elders incorporated vegetables now totally forgotten: parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, Chinese artichokes, cardoon, yellow squash ... Find EC6 recipes to cook these vegetables to increase the choice of menus and demanding food plans.
Forgotten vegetables: an appointment for our seniors with their youth. Never forget the emotional connection we have with our food!

To go further
Find EC6 culinary experts on the blog to exchange passionate about cooking and food in nursing homes.
Find expertise EC6 - Download leaftlets: " Expertise in culinary techniques of health facilities, Kitchen 9 assists professional cooking to new cooking techniques "-" The training and support for cooks authentic restoration driving enjoyment and health of seniors regardless of the texture"

ec6 group
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