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Optimize areas in connection with the organization of production and distribution of meals. Harmonize the catering function with the life project of the institution.
Catering is an essential activity in the life of the institution. The catering premises do not always fit the constraints of nutrition projects in the nursing homes:
- Closed kitchen that isolate cooks
- Pantries far from the dining rooms
- Lack of distribution area in the dining room
- Support for difficult meals
- Lack of consultation about the service way: where to set up, how to bring meals...
Inadequate premises and equipements can generate uncontrolled costs incurred by the institution.

EC6 supports catering projects in nursing homes:
- Turning the nutritional needs of residents into organization and appropriate premises and equipment
- Supporting innovative projects for a dietary management pleasurable source in nutrition.
- Supporting the catering and hotel project during the design of the premises and for the construction supervision
- Linking the life project of the institution and the design of catering premises

The benefits of expertise EC6:
- Adapt the food supply for better food and less waste and meet the needs of each resident
- Develop innovative concepts for distribution around a show kitchen
- Building production organizations in line with the expectation of residents
- Bringing together actors in the expertise chain (diet, cooking, distribution, care) and create the necessary project success interfaces.
- Designing the catering areas that the institution can afford.

EC6 accompanies the nursing homes to make optimum use of investments
An expertise so that each euro be used to the best and avoid:
- Unsuitable premises: lost or unnecessary areas (cost from 1500 € to 2000 € excluding taxes/ m² according to local)
- Unnecessary equipment (1 trolley meal distribution: from 10 000 € to 12 000 € - 1 combi steamer: from 15 000 € to 28 000 € ....)

Find expertise EC6 - Download the brochure : "The design of areas kitchen, dining room and office in connection with the dietary management of the elderly."

ec6 group
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